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Sir Fong's Adventures In Science Book 1: Models, Atoms, Molecules, Elements & Compounds

Sir Fong's Adventures In Science Book 1:

Models, Atoms, Molecules, Elements & Compounds


A lifelong passion for Science starts here!


Sir Fong and his bunny students from Rabbit Institution enjoy the best Science lessons in town!


Kicking off with a Chemistry topic about the basic building blocks of all matter, readers are introduced to the concepts of models, the discovery of the nucleus, the creation of the modern Periodic Table, elements and compounds all wrapped in a story full of surprise, humour and irresistably cute bunnies!

Sir Fong's Adventures In Science Book 2: Light!

Sir Fong's Adventures In Science Book 2: Light!


Following the success of Book 1, Sir Fong’s students from Rabbit Institution scramble to track down their teacher, presumed lost at the end of Book 1.
The plot thickens as a mysterious League of Dead Scientists involves Sir Fong in a bid to prevent a blockade of the Sun by three evil bunnies.


In their bid to rescue Sir Fong, the students must understand how our eyes and brains work to collect and interpret images, what is reflection and refraction and how can shadows help us look really cool.


Bonus: features real Singaporean scientist and CRISP technology from NUS!

Sir Fong's Adventures In Science Book 3: Cells!

Sir Fong's Adventures Book 3: Cells!


Sir Fong's Adventures comic books may be growing in reputation, but Sir Fong himself shrunk to the size of a cell in Book 3!
The Dead Scientists find that they'd accidentally sent Sir Fong into a cell-eat-cell world. That mistake will not only turn Sir Fong to the dark side, but trigger off the start of a new flu pandemic - one that kills not birds nor swine, but Man's Best Friends - pet dogs! Totto the bunny and his friends must learn all about plant and animal cells, DNA and how cells multiply.


But this time, to stop the pandemic and save all the pets, they may have to stop their favorite teacher Sir Fong!Book 3 completes the Sir Fong Trilogy of the Basic Sciences in the coolest way possible, and features two Asian scientists AND a vetenarian too!

Sir Fong's Adventures In Science Book 4: Material & Interaction

Sir Fong's Adventures Book 4:

Material & Interaction


An ambitious new teacher joins Rabbit Institution, and bulldozed her own ideas over Totto the Bunny, Sir Fong and ultimately the whole of Singapore!


The dead Scientists built a Time Machine to show Totto's team what Singapore will become in future, should her ideas become a reality!


Joining them in their roller coaster ride through time are Morchoo & Titoy, forest guardians who hope to stop the destruction of the island's farm lands and greenery!


This time, Sir Fong sets out on an epic quest that brings to life the twin topics of Material and Interaction!



The new theme park called Syn City is near its public opening. It boasts of extinct animals such as the Tasmanian tigers and the dodo birds. It also successfully changed the DNA of horses using the DNA of whales, creating the world's first unicorns. 


Totto and friends are excited about visiting the park before the opening, because the CEO Dr Hena is mother of one friend. But something goes wrong quickly, and they are trapped in the theme park with disease-carrying mosquitoes and hungry Tasmanian tigers.


Synthetic biology is the study of using modern editing tools to change DNA accurately. There is a strong international interest for creating bacteria that can produce cheap and non-polluting energy, inexpensive medicine and eliminating mosquito populations. We can even produce plastic-eating bacteria to help reduce the amount of plastic waste. Like quantum physics, synthetic biology is an important future science and may usher in a new agricultural revolution affecting the way we eat and live. 


This book is a collaboration between the author and SynCTi: Synthetic biology for Clinical & Technological Innovations in NUS.


Sir Fong's Adventures In Science Book 5: The Quantum Bunny

Sir Fong's Adventures In Science Book 5:

The Quantum Bunny


Long, long ago, in a faraway land, a strange rabbit was born. He had great powers that baffled even the Sky Emperor Einstein. Einstein and all the immortals tried to study him but he remained a big mystery! Finally, Einstein summoned the wizard Schrodinger, and the quantum bunny might have met his match!


The world of quantum physics is strange, but experiments have proven the theory correct. And this knowledge is powering a new world of technology. Sir Fong's Adventures is a great introduction to novice readers about the cutting-edge realm of Quantum Mechanics!

Sir Fong's Adventures In Science Book 6: Synthetic Biology

Sir Fong's Adventures In Science Book 6:

Synthetic Biology


Book 5 introduced Quantum Mechanics for young readers, now Book 6 introduces synthetic biology!


Totto and friends become the first children to visit a brand new theme park called Syn City. They are excited to see the extinct Tasmanian tigers, the dodo birds and real life unicorns, but someone lets the animals run loose.

Before the African mosquitoes and Tasmanian tigers can find the children, they must make a dangerous journey to escape, and uncover a nefarious plan.

Black Peony & The Zombie Kangaroos

Black Peony & The Zombie Kangaroos (Book 1)


In the border town of Mae Sot, Thailand, there is a place the locals called ‘The Forest of Orphans’.


Town folks report sighting a flying coffin - and kangaroos - as they passed the Forest. Yet, teenagers from a local school are venturing into the forest because they believe a sighting will improve their academic prowess.


Instead, they return from the woods and begin hopping like mindless zombies in school.


Can one teenage girl, herself an out-of-this-world centaur, unravel the mystery behind the hopping teens and the flying coffin? Or will a strange assassin, a headless centaur, destroy her before she can save the planet from an unworldly invasion?


Black Peony & The Dino Thieves

Black Peony & The Dino Thieves (Book 2)


It was believed that when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, they were the kings and queens of our blue planet.


Peony, young protector of Earth, finds a gang of dinosaurs has clawed their way through time and is now threatening the border town of Mae Sot, Thailand. She will soon discover that the ancient Goliaths bow down to a surprising master.


Back in school, a beautiful but vengeful bully is flexing her muscles and throwing her weight around, targeting the orphan brothers and sisters of Peony.


Can Peony outwit the mastermind behind the dinosaurs? Can she deal with the schoolyard bully without exposing her real identity? Or will her nemesis Headless finally fulfil his vow of beheading Peony?

Bitter Suites

Bitter Suites*


An old tourist attraction lies in the midst of a rapidly-developing city state. Will it fade away peacefully?


A powerful social network connects us to the world and our closest friends 24/7 via smart phones and tablet screens. Can that connection sometimes turn sour and even fatal?


Where people go, love, hate, jealousy and deceit will follow.


A petty man plots a seemingly harmless prank. A simple girl gets trapped by the curse of her childhood. A protective sister finds herself fighting against an insatiable hunger for blood.


For the ancient has bled its way into the modern, and soon everyone will pay their debts fully inside the Bitter Suites.


* Not recommended for readers under 16 years of age

Sir Fong

Sir Fong


The original Sir Fong comics that spawned the Sir Fong's Adventures In Science (SFAIS) series, this comic book features all the adventures that, not only Sir Fong, but also for most teachers, would very likely or have already encountered in the course of their teaching in schools!


From cute and obedient bunnies (the students of course), to "killer" bunnies, you will be absorbed into the classroom's everyday happenings - good, bad, funny or just plain stupid, whatever it is, you are guaranteed to laugh your heart out reading the comics.


Have fun!

Sir Fong 2: Fur-O-Cious

Sir Fong 2: Fur-O-Cious


Following the success of book one, Sir Fong, the second book of the Sir Fong comic book series, titled Sir Fong 2: Fur-O-Cious, continues to inject even more laughter to its predecessor.


Being Sir Fong, an ordinary teacher without any super powers, he must guide his bunny students through the daily dangers in school corners. Be it pirated-CD-selling crows, cells which do not take kindly to being scrutinized under a microscope or a tribe of violent and excited electrons, every incident is a lesson, every lesson an adventure, or simply an excuse for a lame joke.


When he is not teaching, Sir Fong is still serving his nation. Unfortunately, even out of school and back in camouflage, he cannot escape the indignities of life. Army, afterall, is simply full of boys with bigger toys. Finally when he's totally out of the action and hospitalised, this brave teacher cannot help but land in situations that are logic - defying or just plain rude...


For those of you who are still schooling, read this book, and discover the secrets of surviving your own 'miserable' life as a student! For our dear teachers, read this book, and discover the best way to deal with your 'ridiculous' job is to laugh like a maniac!

Buddy Buddy

Buddy Buddy (猪朋猴友)


Published in Beijing, China in 1998, this is a story about two friends Jia Fu and Han Bao. Though they are close pals, they are polar opposites: Jia Fu is mischievous, lazy and loves to sleep in class. Han Bao is diligent and works hard to earn good grades.


One day, they visit a museum and find a painting depicting the famed Journey To The West. It features the Monkey King, Piggy and Sandy accompanying their teacher Tripitaka across the desert. The painter is said to be so good, his paintings came to life in the past.


Jia Fu vandalises the painting, unwittingly bringing the characters into real life. Piggy becomes evil, befriending Jia Fu and teaches Jia Fu how to cheat on his homework. Monkey King comes to the rescue, teaming with Han Bao too! 


Buddy Buddy 猪朋猴友 can be obtained at 豆瓣 website, however it is no longer in production. Please contact the author for any enquiry.

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