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Black Peony


The Dino Thieves

Book Cover
Orphan Abducted
Divided We Fall
The Real Killers
Raining Poison
Headless Gets Ahead
Back Cover


It was believed that when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, they were the kings and queens of our blue planet.


Peony, young protector of Earth, finds a gang of dinosaurs has clawed their way through time and is now threatening the border town of Mae Sot, Thailand. She will soon discover that the ancient Goliaths bow down to a surprising master.


Back in school, a beautiful but vengeful bully is flexing her muscles and throwing her weight around, targeting the orphan brothers and sisters of Peony.


Can Peony outwit the mastermind behind the dinosaurs? Can she deal with the schoolyard bully without exposing her real identity? Or will her nemesis Headless finally fulfil his vow of beheading Peony?


“Hi otto! I finished black peony bk 2, its really good, especially the storyline. Kept me reading for hours. keep it up!”

Low Kar Hin

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