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Black Peony


The Zombie Kangaroos

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Ouija Board
Death Flies
The Well
First Blood
Kachuack Queen
School Infection
Hero Gets Tutored
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In the border town of Mae Sot, Thailand, there is a place the locals called ‘The Forest of Orphans’.


Town folks report sighting a flying coffin - and kangaroos - as they passed the Forest. Yet, teenagers from a local school are venturing into the forest because they believe a sighting will improve their academic prowess.

Instead, they return from the woods and begin hopping like mindless zombies in school.


Can one teenage girl, herself an out-of-this-world centaur, unravel the mystery behind the hopping teens and the flying coffin? Or will a strange assassin, a headless centaur, destroy her before she can save the planet from an unworldly invasion?

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