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Models, Atoms, Molecules, Elements

& Compounds

Sir Fong's Adventures In Science Book 1

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Alpha Particles
The Periodic Table
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A lifelong passion for Science starts here!
Sir Fong and his bunny students from Rabbit Institution enjoy the best Science lessons in town!

Kicking off with a Chemistry topic about the basic building blocks of all matter, readers are introduced to the concepts of models, the discovery of the nucleus, the creation of the modern Periodic Table, elements and compounds all wrapped in a story full of surprise, humour and irresistably cute bunnies!


“I have to tell you something amazing. My son announced the minute he came home. “The REAL Otto Fong came to my school to sell his books today. Book four is out already!”

June Wan, SJI Junior’s parent (via Facebok)

“Hi, Sir Fong! I am Jedidiah Ong from Rosyth School, aged eleven. I love your science comics!!! My brother is Hezekiah from Huamin Primary School, aged eight. He is also super crazy about your science comics …”

“… I myself admit that I do not like chemistry, it's like so boring and all about memorising the periodic table. However, when I at last (reluctantly) read the book as my parents persuaded me to, I liked it too. After that, my parents tried to get the other three books in the library but to no avail. We bought them in a bookshop.”

Jedidiah Ong, Rosyth School

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