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Isaac Ng has never been good in science and gets bored in class. He wishes he could develop a passion for it, just like his scientist father. Little does he know he’s about to get what he wished for – in the form of Totto, a genius bunny who takes him on many fun and crazy adventures in science! Totally Totto is a live action series with an adorable puppet and animation-filled segments that bring science to your fingertips. Totally Totto is a print-to-screen adaptation of Otto Fong’s bestselling comics Sir Fong’s Adventured in Science.

From Verite Productions, a Print-To-Screen Adaptation of Sir Fong's Adventures In Science 'TOTALLY TOTTO' was Broadcasted on TV on Okto Channel with a Total of 16 Episodes, Accompanied with a Mini Series of Fun Science Lab Experiments! Get on Board Season One @ meWATCH!     

Science Lab Experiment Mini Series! Click to meWATCH now! 

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Animal Cup Experiment

Carrot Experiment

Coke & Egg Experiment

Egg In Jar Experiment

Laser Experiment

Overnight Milk Experiment

Pulley Experiment

Thermometer Experiment

Cardboard Wheel Experiment

Cloud Experiment

Eclipse Experiment

Heat Expansion Experiment

Magnet Experiment

Petri Dish Experiment

Ruler Experiment

Thermos Experiment

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