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"My Spidermen are immortal afterall. They  survived  the fire,  and now they're killer bunnies!" 

Otto Fong


Since 2008, Ottonium Comics has published Sir Fong’s Adventures In Science, a successful, popular comic series based on Science. In 2013, a horror novel, Bitter Suites, was also published to critical acclaim. A new series of Sci-Fi adventure thriller for teen readers, Black Peony, was launched in 2014.

Thank you for visiting our website. Our books are educational, entertaining as well as fun to read, having reached many good schools and in the hands of many smart children, teenagers and even adults of all ages. We hope that you would enjoy our books, especially the recent ones like The Quantum Bunny and Synthetic Biology - both of which are emerging areas of research in the world of Science. The author is very honoured to be able to work with some of the top Scientists and researchers to write the books in a manner that is simplified, easy to comprehend the ideas behind these Sciences for our children so that they would be inspired to be the future leaders in Science!

Our new book - Sir Fong's Adventures In Science Series - Synthetic Biology, which has already landed in the hands of many of the top scientists, researchers, engineers and even artists at the recently concluded "SB7.0 : The Seventh International Meeting on Synthetic Biology" held in Singapore at the Gardens By The Bay, is now officially available at major book stores!
Get it now to see what happens when a lab experiment lands in the hands of an unscrupulous villain!

~Sir Fong's Adventures In Science Book 6: Synthetic Biology~

In secondary school, my happiest memory was of my Taiwanese classmate and I laughing at the Science textbooks. It wasn't because the textbooks were any good - in fact, they were terribly dull. That was why we took great joy in scribbling Spidermen onto them. While my friend started the idea, it was me who decided to dunk a Spiderman into a beaker of acid.

Subsequently, our Spidermen participated in many of the books' experiments, suffering multiple blows, lacerations and indignities in the name of Science.

The only super power our Spidermen had was that (like all great cartoon characters) they could not die.

When PSLE neared, the joy of learning was replaced by the stress of preparing for the exams. After my exams, I gleefully tossed the old textbooks into the trash, and my army of Spidermen was lost in the incinerators.

When I became an engineer, I was increasingly aware of the great gap between Asian engineers and American ones - we were just technicians with university degrees, while they experienced the real joy of creating a powerful new computer component from scratch. They had passion for their work - I was just doing a job.

Looking back, had my passion for learning not been overshadowed by the single-minded pursuit of high grades, I undoubtedly would have turned out as a much better engineer.

When I taught Science in Raffles Institution, I asked myself what I could do to make Science more fun.

The memory of my Spidermen started me scibbling for my students. In turn, my first batch of students, born in the year of the Rabbit, inspired Sir Fong and the Bunnies. For the years that I was a teacher, my students and I enjoyed a great rapport in our shared love of comics.

Now that I put 100% of my energy into comics, I asked myself: 

"What needful things should I draw?"

The answer lies in your hands. 'Sir Fong's Adventures In Science' is a series designed NOT to replace textbooks, but to add joy to the learning of Science. The more our children love Science, the better engineers they will grow up to be.

Not only that, the world is changing. The best technologies are the ones that seamlessly combine Art and Science: just look at how Steve Jobs and Singapore's very own Sim Wong Hoo turned MP3 players into a cultural force.

The challenges that Asia faces demand that we have better engineers, better scientists and better designers. SARS, earthquakes, tsunamis, global warming, fuel shortages and bird flu are but a few challenges that require a world-class generation of Asian science enthusiasts and geniuses.

'Sir Fong's Adventures In Science' is one step towards that. One day, an Asian scientist may say, "Hey, I grew up loving Sir Fong comics!" By then, our world will have become a much better place in which to live.

And you know what? My Spidermen are immortal afterall. They survived the fire, and now they're killer bunnies!

While comics with Science are typically illustrated textbooks, "Adventures In Science" are unique as characters and plots are interwovened with Science concepts. Readers will see the intimate connection between Science and humanity.

In kids' terms, they will love the story, humour and still get the concepts!

~Sir Fong~

~Sir Fong~

~Sir Fong's Adventures In Science, Book 2~

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