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Sir Fong's Adventures In Science Book 3


Book Cover
The Scientists
Time Space
What Is Cell
Siriraj Forensic Museum
Professor Leo Tan
World Famous Towers
Back Cover


Sir Fong's Adventures comic books may be growing in reputation, but Sir Fong himself shrunk to the size of a cell in Book 3!
The Dead Scientists find that they'd accidentally sent Sir Fong into a cell-eat-cell world. That mistake will not only turn Sir Fong to the dark side, but trigger off the start of a new flu pandemic - one that kills not birds nor swine, but Man's Best Friends - pet dogs! Totto the bunny and his friends must learn all about plant and animal cells, DNA and how cells multiply.

But this time, to stop the pandemic and save all the pets, they may have to stop their favorite teacher Sir Fong!
Book 3 completes the Sir Fong Trilogy of the Basic Sciences in the coolest way possible, and features two Asian scientists AND a vetenarian too!

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