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Sir Fong 2: Fur-O-Cious

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The Ring
Nice Car!
Electro-Motive Force
In-Camp Training
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Following the success of book one, Sir Fong, the second book of the Sir Fong comic book series, titled Sir Fong 2: Fur-O-Cious, continues to inject even more laughter to its predecessor.


Being Sir Fong, an ordinary teacher without any super powers, he must guide his bunny students through the daily dangers in school corners. Be it pirated-CD-selling crows, cells which do not take kindly to being scrutinized under a microscope or a tribe of violent and excited electrons, every incident is a lesson, every lesson an adventure, or simply an excuse for a lame joke.


When he is not teaching, Sir Fong is still serving his nation. Unfortunately, even out of school and back in camouflage, he cannot escape the indignities of life. Army, afterall, is simply full of boys with bigger toys. Finally when he's totally out of the action and hospitalised, this brave teacher cannot help but land in situations that are logic - defying or just plain rude...


For those of you who are still schooling, read this book, and discover the secrets of surviving your own 'miserable' life as a student! For our dear teachers, read this book, and discover the best way to deal with your 'ridiculous' job is to laugh like a maniac!

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