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Buddy Buddy

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Published in Beijing, China in 1998, this is a story about two friends Jia Fu and Han Bao. Though they are close pals, they are polar opposites: Jia Fu is mischievous, lazy and loves to sleep in class. Han Bao is diligent and works hard to earn good grades.


One day, they visit a museum and find a painting depicting the famed Journey To The West. It features the Monkey King, Piggy and Sandy accompanying their teacher Tripitaka across the desert. The painter is said to be so good, his paintings came to life in the past.


Jia Fu vandalises the painting, unwittingly bringing the characters into real life. Piggy becomes evil, befriending Jia Fu and teaches Jia Fu how to cheat on his homework. Monkey King comes to the rescue, teaming with Han Bao too! 

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