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Events & Workshops

BookFest@Singapore 2014 
When / Where:

12 - 21 Dec | 10:00 - 22:00

Suntec Singapore Halls 401 - 405

Otto Fong presents his two series of books, 'Sir Fong's Adventures In Science' and 'The Black Peony' at the Popular BookFest@Singapore, held at the Singapore Suntec Convention Hall. 


The talk is located at the English Section. Our young and enthusiastic readers are extremely delighted and amused by Otto Fong, who gave a very lively, animated and 'why you should read more local books' talk!

Black Peony Series
Sir Fong's Adventures In Science Series
Heavenly Home, Mae Sot, Thailand

Hence, Sir Fong was more than delighted when Project LOVE, a non-profit initiative started by Mr Jose Tay asked for comic books to be donated to the orphanages and migrant learning centres in Thailand.


Since Book 3 and 4 both featured a Thai hospital museum (Siriraj Forensic Museum) and a Bangkok fashion designer (Tawn C), Sir Fong feels glad that these kids will read about good science being practiced in their own country!

Pioneer JC Book Fair School Invitation
ISS Literacy Week
Summer Komikon Manila 2013

"Hi, Sir Fong! I and Nikoy did not have the chance to take a picture with you right after your awesome talk ‘coz you’ve got a lot of fans who had eagerly taken your time to share their ideas, experiences and whatnots with you. We just want to thank you for that fun and yet very informative talk. If you were my teacher, I would not have hated Science as much as I hated it when I was still a student. Hehehe!"


"Sir Fong, thank you for the very educational and motivating discussion at Summer Komikon 2013. We here in Philippines are greatly to have met and learned from you!"

"One of the many things I’ll take from your talk at Komikon, is that you have to find what motivates you yourself. It was awesome meeting you and I hope you’ll be back here soon!"

Our Great Hosts at The Summer Komikon! Thank You All!

"We were waiting for a group of Singaporeans to finish taking a photo with this tarp when one of them volunteered to take a photo of us. Little did we know that it was sir Otto Fong an uber cool science teacher/writer/comic artist from Singapore! Thanks sir! You just gained fans from the Philippines specially my son Malachai Knowl Celario :) — with Nestor Celario, Malachai Knowl Celario and Otto Fong at Bayanihan Center, Pioneer St., Pasig City."

~Diadem Joy Batilo~

French International School
Comic Workshop for Government Agencies

Whether it's conducting a workshop, or sharing a seminar session, or going to schools to promote my comic book, or working with someone on a new comic project, I see a lot of my fellow country men and women.

I am present to an abundance of beauty. Singaporeans are beautiful, and I am still in awe that I did not realise that sooner. I still cannot believe that I am a part of you!
Recently, I conducted a series of workshops for people from different government bodies. As we worked together on their comic ideas, I am amazed at their creativity and sense of humour.

They may not know how to draw at first, but they are willing to give it a good try.
They may seemed reserved and quiet at first, but they come through with their ideas.
They may have limited resources (I deliberately allowed only two types of markers), but they create and communicated effectively with their artworks!

Look at their drawings and you will see we have much in common.
I was brought up to be afraid to look at people in their eyes. Maybe because I heard too much about fights that broke out during staring incidents amongst gangsters in the distant past.

But when I do, and open myself up to their worlds, I find so much in common (I know, this sounds so hippie!).

Yet, if you sit down with a fellow Singaporean, and look around at all that we have achieved in such short decades, you can truly feel proud to be a part of this country (ok, now I'm sounding very National Education!).

So, what's the secret of being happy? I urge you to look fellow Singaporeans in the eyes more. If someone clears your tray at a coffee shop, look him or her in the eyes and say 'thanks'. If someone smiles at your dog, smile back on your dog's behalf. If someone stops for you at the zebra-crossing, give him or her a wave of thanks.

Representing Singapore In The Annual IASL International Book Exhibit

The International Book Exhibit is an activity of the IASL Children's and Young Adult Literature Special Interest Group. Each year at the International Association of School Librarianship conference, the Children's and Young Adult Literature Special Interest Group collects and displays books that represent the countries and regions of IASL membership. These books are donated by members and others to give to the host country to share with the children and youth of that community. At the close of the conference the books are distributed to the most appropriate libraries in the host country.

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